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WHM Established 2009

WHM is the Largest Car Club in Texas providing family friendly Car Shows and Automotive Content!

WHM Car Club created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts in January of 2009.


As WHM has grown, our original objective has not been lost, but expanded to provide a haven for all auto enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy the WHM experience and we encourage you to become active online and offline.

Be Part Of The Largest Car Club & Events In Texas With

4,000+ Members

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Behind WHM

  • Sean Tajipour Founder/President

    As the Founder and President of WHM, I will always ensure that our club/events are always family-friendly and welcoming to all enthusiasts. We strive to make sure everyone has the best WHM experience possible. I look forward to greeting you personally at our next event.

Hear it from the members!

  • My 1st WHM event was Blast to the Past in 2015. My husband & I brought our cars along with a few friends, and we enjoyed it immensely. Once Musclepalooza rolled around six months later, I was hooked, and we became members. Sure I had been to car shows before, but this was different. Through WHM, I've met some of the nicest people and seen some amazing cars but what kept bringing me back was that I always felt welcomed. You feel a sense of family because it is a family. Sean and his family do such an awesome job with the events. I can't thank WHM enough for giving me a hobby (I desperately needed) and for all the kindness they've shown.

    Billie Medina
  • I joined WHM about eight years ago, and the car shows have been a lot of fun. It has allowed me to meet great people and make many new friends. Car folks are a great group of people, and there is a lot of respect among the club. All the beautiful cars and the stories that go with them are fascinating. WHM is a fun club to belong to, no matter what kind of car you have. You need to join the WHM Car Club ASAP.

    Chuck Mandic
  • Driving home from work one night, I saw a car meet in Katy, Texas. Since I had just gotten my Mustang, I thought about checking it out. Having already seen West Houston Muscle represented on a few cars, I visited the website and found events. Going to the Swampys car meet was a family car meet, not just a bunch of guys standing around. I met Sean and started bringing my wife with me to the meets. We see that WHM has grown tremendously since that time and have enjoyed meeting new members and their families and hanging out with our WHM families. The support from the WHM car family can never be matched. No matter what life throws at you, they are there to help. All in all, WHM is more than just a car club; it is a car family.

    Larry Croom Member Since 2009
  • I moved to Katy in 2007 and bought my 1929 Model A Streetrod over in 2008. I attended a couple of car shows over the next couple of years and met a few local car guys, which led me to the “Blast to the Past” member meet-ups organized by WHM. Sean, the founder of WHM, was and still is an amazing young, ambitious guy with integrity and an inviting personality. The credit probably goes to his incredible parents, who are also great folks. Sean, along with help from his family, has created the perfect car club with a truly inspiring family atmosphere.

    I’ve never before experienced a car club where both young and old, guys and gals, and car enthusiasts from all walks of life have come together in a family-friendly club. It is inclusive of classic “muscle” cars, modern muscle, antiques, exotics, low-riders, lifted 4x4s, imports, etc., and even motorcycles.

    Sean, “Big Moe” (his dad), and his family are a class act and are reflected in a first-class car club, West Houston Muscle.

    Brian Perilloux Longtime WHM member, Aspiring Retiree, and Car Enthusiast
  • Since I attended the 1st West Houston Muscle event, I have seen WHM be built to what it is today and that did not happen without a lot of time, hard work, perseverance and support from the local community. WHM is a haven on the West side for all car people, whatever type of automobile floats your boat, you will be welcomed by the WHM family. Come out and partake of this special community and you will be glad you did...........

    Jim Meader aka Big Jim
  • We love being a part of West Houston Muscle! When we first joined as a couple, it was a great opportunity to show off our Camaro, hang out with other car enthusiasts, and meet new friends. The events were always fun to go to, and our love of cars was something we both shared and could enjoy together. Now, WHM is all those things, plus the added bonus of a great family organization for our daughter, as well. We like to bring her along to the events, and she likes to ride in the Camaro! I have a feeling she is going to grow up loving cars! Since we have become members of WHM, we have made several great friends, and we have a place to go where we can enjoy the company of fellow car enthusiasts. West Houston Muscle is like family.

    Deanna Fry

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