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Rain-X, Gumout & Black Magic Product Review – ITW Brands

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to tour the ITW (Illinois Tools Works) Brands headquarters here in Houston, Texas, where the Research & Development department for Rain-X, Gumout & Black Magic Car Care is located. After acquiring them from Shell Oil Company, they have owned the brands for the past eight years. I was already familiar with Rain-X products and have used them in the past, along with Black Magic Care. However, this was an excellent opportunity to reintroduce me to these popular automotive brands and learn more about the process.

We start with Black Magic Tire.

Black Magic is said to be the best tire product on the market because of its spray ability and chemistry, making the product extremely stable and consistent. It has a precise, consistent streak-free spray pattern that offers a high shine. The creation of this product was more of an art than a science, and they have multiple patents that were granted five years ago for the formula and leveling agent. This spray’s chemistry must be right to make this solution, and they worked very carefully on the formula.

This product is homogenous, so it is always stable regardless of where you store it, and you don’t have to worry about it expiring. It has a high, long-lasting shine that lasts for weeks that no one can compete with. Being silicone-based makes for good consistency & longevity, and when it rains, it helps make it more uniform compared to the water-based formulas, which would thoroughly wash out. Unnamed competitors have a messier spray pattern that does not deliver the same product and dispenses wasted material.

Gumout Fuel Cleaner is is a product you pour into the gas tank before you fuel up your tank.

Gumout contains PEA chemistry consisting of Ether and Nitrogen molecules and is one of the best gasoline cleanup products on the market. It travels through the fuel system to attack the injectors first, where if dirty restricts the fuel flow in the combustion chambers. It then moves into the intake valves and the combustion chamber, which has the hardest despots to clean. The thickness of the dirt reduces each time you use this product before filling up, and it works on all carbureted and new engines. Compared to competitors, Gumout All In One has the most addictive, the best detergent and molecules in a single bottle. After just one tank, you will feel a difference, but using this product with five tank refuels is recommended.


Rain-X has been around since 1972.

It started as a glass water repellent, a product that helps with your driving visibility in wet conditions. Rain-X was first developed for the aviation industry. It is the #1 brand in wipers, glass cleaner, and glass repellent. I was introduced to the newest Rain-X product Waterless Car Wash, which is convenient if you have no water or bucket. It cleans, shines, and protects with its hydrophobic formula that provides a water-beading effect. The beading means the surface is protected, difficult for dirt to stay on, and easier to rinse clean during washes. Compared to similar products on the market, this goes one step further with surface protection.

The Rain-X Silicone AdvantEdge Wiper Blades are designed to be durable and long-lasting while consistently performing in various temperatures and environmental conditions. From the icy cold winters in the north to the year-round blazing heat of the south, the next step in the innovation process was to develop a wiper blade that met these specifications. Also, Rain-X carries a Premium Headlight Restoration Kit that restores aging headlight clarity. It uses dual mechanical and chemical solutions of sanding and refining to remove scratches and impurities. It polishes and protects to optimize clarity and prolong results.


Thanks to ITW for inviting me to tour their Houston R&D Headquarters. It was to personally meet the following people that play significant roles at ITW:


Clare Haung – Principal Research Engineer of Black Magic and Gumout with over 25 years of experience.

Tze-Lee Phang – Senior Team R&D Lead of Black Magic, Gumout, and Rain-X appearance chemical with 11 years of experience.

Martin Rosas -Wiper Engineer of Rain-X wiper Blades

Dr. Ali Alwattari – Director of Research & Development.

Brand Managers

Cheryl Petrishin – Senior Brand Manager for Rain-X

Debbie Hodson – Strategic Brand Director for Rain-X Black Magic & Gumout with 16 years of experience.



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